Victoria Exchange co working days

A role that I have been doing for two years is that of a co working host which runs monthly from Teesside University.  Co working days run across the country by an organisation called Colleagues on Tap, the website is on my website under About Me.

Monthly events run out of the Victoria Road building (always a Tuesday) which is predominatly occupied by Graduates (Incubation units) where newly qualified graduates who embark on their own business can set up office for a year paying low rent giving them the chance to establish their business.  These graduates are now a big part of co working days and are given the opportunity to present their business to the co working attendees along with attending the co working day.   Successful collaborations have been borne and continue to do so.

At Victoria Road Colleagues on Tap have their own co work room which is vibrant and colourful. Co workers bring their own laptops and any other technology they require for the day.  Victoria Road has been refurbished to a very high standard so there are breakout rooms available in order for co workers to make private phone calls or conduct meetings.  There is a craft room to suit creative businesses along with a room where table tennis can be played, five surround sound and a TV are all available.  

The day generally starts at 0900 but co workers can attend to suit bearing in mind the School runs, refreshments and lunch are included in the price of £20.00 for the day, but if booking for more than one day this is reduced to £16.00 and the second event can be attended up to a three month period following the first attended day.  The day finishes at 1700 but again co workers can leave to suit.

All new co workers get a full tour of Victoria Road building so get the opportunity to realise the fantastic businesses that are operating here and meet them personally.

The co working days are open to all University staff so collaboration is possible right across this sector.

These are really good and worthwhile days where you will get the chance to work in a different environment with full WIFI access, meet new people, get the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business and collaborate and form working partnerships.

Victoria Road is a lovely location and co working days have been very fortunate to be given this space at Teesside University in which to run these events along with car parking on Victoria Road charged at £3.00 for the day.

Please have a look and check out the website  or eventbrite, where all dates are available for 2016.  I would love to see you there, well worth attending.

There are some changes in progress to co working days, the first being the name of Victoria Exchange which was part of a launch event earlier this year where co workers contributed their ideas for a name as well as what they would like from co working days.  These are exciting times and my blog will keep you updated as and when new ideas are implemented.




  February 10, 2016, 11:15 am

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